My Pathways to Employment

My Pathways to Employment is a five-week online course designed for Ontario Works recipients struggling to find jobs or facing multiple complex barriers to employment. This program starts with an intake and assessment stage to understand a participant’s struggles, needs and wants related to employment. Afterwards, participants join an 80-hourpre-employment development workshop that includes career exploration and essential employment skills development. At the conclusion, participants are put in post-program and post-hiring support for six months.   

Transition to Employment for Newcomers

Our Transition to Employment for Newcomers program is designed to help make finding a job easier for newcomers seeking employment, including internationally trained professionals and tradespeople. it includes individual coaching, linking to resources and employment workshops to assist in identifying employment pathways, prepare for job search and develop skills needed to succeed. If you want to look at all of the workshops we have planned for this month, click here.

Women In Food and Customer Service

The Women in Food and Customer Services program helps women gain the knowledge and skills needed to get a job in the customer service/food service sectors. Under this program, our team will give you the tools and information you need about the job market trends and job search tools and show you how to promote yourself and your skills to employers. Some topics you will be learning about in this course include
   ·       Customer service and food sector-based labor market trends
   ·       Food and customer service workplace environment
   ·       Customer service essentials
   ·        How to use a cash register
   ·       Food handling certification
   ·       Understanding employer hiring and screening practices
   ·       Job Maintenance

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

If you are an internationally trained professional, the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership could be for you. This program helps newcomer professionals reconnect to their chosen careers with the help of a mentor who works in their field in Canada.

The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership will help newcomers to:   
     ·   Gain a local reference and expand your professional network
     ·   Find bridging Programs
     ·    Connect to one-on-one mentoring
      ·    Understand the current labour market trends and get exposed to Canadian workplace culture

What do our participants say about the program?

"Program has proved to be a wealth of information"- David K.
"I appreciate the time you took helping me build a winning resume that landed me a job" - Thomas B.
"Thank you for your assistance in organizing myself toward getting goals set, which helped me get the job in health care I have always wanted" - Ben K.
"I just want to thank you for coaching and employment preparation. I was more confident during interviews and have been hired by CIBC. I would definitely recommend the program to newcomers to Canada and refer a friend of mine in need for job search assistance." - Emily S.
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