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Polycultural has developed number of programs to help youth to engage, integrate, adapt, and be active members in the community. Activities take place in a positive environment that empowers and motivates youth, and most importantly makes them feel safe and welcome. Our programs focus on leadership, employment, self-esteem, social activities, and education.

Some of the youth programs we offer are listed below.

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Youth Job Connection
The Youth Job Connection program offers a range of services and opportunities for young people to learn about jobs and gain work experience. The program is designed to overcome challenging life circumstances, limited work experience, low levels of education, a lack of motivation, and discrimination. The goal is to secure long-term employment and meaningful careers.
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The Homework Club
The Homework Club is an after-school mentoring and support program offered to school-aged children who require academic support and who have English as a second language. The Homework Club mentors could be retired teachers or high school students from the community. The club meets for one hour per week after school.
Youth Achievers Program
Youth Achievers is a series of after school activities where children ages 6 to 12 can have a place to play, exercise and learn new skills to help them thrive and grow in mind and body. Activities and programs delivered under Youth Achievers are:

This hands-on program is inclusive and engaging for all children involved. It helps develop children’s resourcefulness, particularly their skills at goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving. The program is delivered in partnership with youth leaders and mentors from THEORY6 Robotics Team.

This workshop is designed to challenge children to create their own mazes, games, and art through coding, and ultimately to inspire them to think about what cool gadgets and solutions they can build themselves. Life skills taught within this program include logical, critical and creative thinking, communication and teamwork.

Life Skills:
The goal here is to set up goals, plan for the future, appreciate diversity, deal with bullying, and build social networks to name a few.