Below is a list and description of the specialized services we offer:

Multicultural Women's Wellness Program
The Multicultural Women's Wellness Program, offered in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association, is a safe place where women experiencing mental health struggles and stresses due to life circumstances can meet, socialize, share experiences, make friends, network, learn and stay active while having fun.   

Wellbeing Counselling
Polycultural offers confidential short-term counselling at no-cost for youth, adults and families who are dealing with crisis situation. Life and integration in your new environment can sometimes be challenging and stressful to handle alone; this is why it is essential to ask for assistance when you need it. Consider crisis counselling if you are facing challenges that involve:
·        Adjusting to new culture and life in Canada
·        Mental health struggles
·        Family conflict and domestic violence
·        Stressful or traumatic experiences
·        Addiction and substance abuse
·        Other concerns or life struggles you find hard to navigate alone

Commissioner of Oath Services
Our Commissioners of Oath can certify various types of declarations, administer oaths and certify copies of documents. The fee for this service is dependent on the type of certification needed. Always bring two pieces of identification with your photo and signature and all original documents relevant to your appointment. Our Commissioners will help you create:
·        Letters of Invitation for Visitor Visas
·        Travel Consent Letters
·        Sworn Affidavits or Declarations

Problem Gambling Program
A gambler has a problem when gambling:
·        Gets in the way of responsibilities
·        Harms physical or mental health
·        Damages reputation
·        Causes problems with those who care
·        Hurts financially

We offer problem gambling counselling that includes culturally and linguistically appropriate gambling awareness, education and counselling services for immigrants, refugees and ethno-cultural populations of the Polish, Russian and Urdu-speaking communities within Ontario, in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental health.
The goal of these counselling services is to support individuals struggling with problem gambling to change their habits and behavior, learn new coping mechanisms and identify the causes and influencing factors behind their need to gamble.

Partner Assault Response Program
The Partner Assault Response Program (PAR) is a specialized community-based group education and counselling services to offenders mandated by a court of law to attend the program due to criminal charges involving domestic violence. 

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