Services for Newcomers

·        Orientation to life in Ontario and Canada
·        Access to health and wellness information, including medical, dental and recreation resources
·        Learning about the healthcare system and how to apply for an Ontario health card
·        Assistance filling out applications for Canada Child Benefits, income supports, and other important benefits
·        Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities as a new resident of Canada
·        Learning about the education system, information about schools in Ontario, and support provided to your          children in schools
·        Becoming familiar with the political system and learn how our government works
·        Learning about the Canadian tax system and how to prepare to file income tax annually with Canada Revenue          Agency
·        Meeting and socializing with other newcomers and their families and developing a social network within your new c          community 

Some of the settlement programs we offer:

Information and Awareness Program (IA)
The Information and Awareness program supports newcomers to make informed decisions about their settlement and about understanding life in Canada. Through this program we provide one-on-one counselling services, settlement needs assessments and referrals, information on immigration and citizenship, education, financial assistance, housing, healthcare, community and recreation, and guidance and support in coping with everyday living.

Community Connections Program(CC)
The Community Connections program brings Canadians and newcomers together to connect and make newcomers feel welcome. Services are offered through volunteers and include introducing newcomers to life in Canada, hosting conversation circles to help newcomers practice English and facilitating networking opportunities.

Newcomer Settlement and Language Training Program (NSLT)
The Newcomer Settlement Program is designed to support citizens, refugees, and immigrants in their settlement and integration process. It assists them to be fully engaged in Canadian life and successfully contribute to their community through developing socially, economically and culturally.

Multicultural Settlement and Education Partnership (MSEP)

The Multicultural Settlement and Education Partnership is designed to assist newcomer parents and children (students) with their integration into Canadian school environment. This program offers group information sessions with parents and school staff, orientation to school staff on the needs of newcomer school-age children and referrals to more specialized community resources as needed. This program is only offered at the Mississauga location.

Orientation to Ontario (O2O)
The Orientation to Ontario program are delivered in partnership with COSTI Immigrant Services. O2O is designed to provide information and resources to newcomers in the province of Ontario through series of workshops. These resources are provided by trained facilitators to guide the newcomers in their settlement process and to connect them with their local communities. 

Get in touch with us by visiting the Contact Us page where you can call or message us, or schedule an appointment with one of our settlement counsellors. Polycultural can assist newcomers in the process of making a smooth transition to life in Ontario and Canada. We can guide you through the maze of information relating to local, provincial and government services and resources. Our settlement and integration services offer no-cost solution-focused counselling assistance in different languages, with a step-by-step guidance to information, resources and tools from our professional and experienced staff.

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