Success Stories

Newcomer Services

This client was seeking assistance with El claim and had several issues with her ROE as the company she was working with had recently gone bankrupt. She was laid off from her work and spoke no English. She was very lost and wasn't sure how to handle the situation. Due to her ROE problems, her El application was rejected and couldn't connect with the owner of her previous employment. After recording this information, the counsellor supported the client and assisted her in contacting an accountant. With the corrected ROE re-submission, her El claim was approved. The counsellor also helped with her application for WEPP (Wage Earner Protection Program). The service user no longer felt worried or anxious.

Transition to Employment

The client is a widowed mother with six children. She is identified as AWR Government Assisted Refugee. One of the daughters had a severe cognitive and intellectual impairment, as well as the required chronic care, which was provided by her mother and siblings. The family faced many challenges while they were in the reception centre due to the language barrier and the difficulty of the situation. RAP staff has acquired affordable housing for the family and has referred them to the nearest settlement agency. The client was able to attend her daughter's hospital and doctor's appointment on time with suitable arrangements for transportation.


A newcomer in grade 12 was falling behind in school and was fearful that he would not graduate on time due to his language capabilities-a SWIS worker connected with the student and provided extra supĀ­port. The SWIS worker reviewed the newcomer's previous report cards and drafted a plan for the stuĀ­dent to cope with the new class requirements. After much hard work, the student was able to achieve multiple A+ marks and is on track to finish at the end of the year. This gave him the hope he needed to go to university and become a chemical engineer. With his marks, he is definitely on track to do just that!

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